• Tokyoteddybear

    sally:*walks up to slender*daddy? slender:*looks at sally*yes sally? sally:*smiles*where do babies come from? slender:*surprised*oh um how about you ask dark link about that sally:ok*walks off to dark link and bens room*ben? link? both:yes sally? sally:where do babies come from? dink:0-0 oh ummmmmmmmm ben:*hunched on floor laughing really hard*a ask clockwork dink:*nods blushing a bit* sally:*walks off to clockworks room*clocky? clockwork:*hugging toby to death* toby:*looks at sally then back at clockwork*I I cant breathe sally:*smiles*where do babies come from? clockwork:*drops toby and hides in closet afraid to answer*...mumble mumble mumble toby:lets go ask Jeff cause im not sure either sally toby n sally:*poke jeff* jeff:WHAT DO YOU WA…

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