1. If you add videos/photos to your pasta that doesn't pertain to your Creepypasta, we will take the photos off the page and warn you. Repeated offenses will receive a 1 day block per repeated offense.

2.The following is the CP rating and how we deal with it: 0/10-1/10 means it's standards for deletion, 2/10-4/10 requires heavy editing, 5/10 and above means we will not delete your Creepypasta and only minor changes will be needed, should there be an error or two.

3.  We are  to delete certain pastas that are among the following: Rip-offs, Blatant Trollpastas, Crapypastas, Cliche/Poorly Executed or Non-Creepypasta. 

4. Do not upload blatant rip-offs and highly unoriginal content. Also, once a page is deleted, you can appeal it. But DO NOT try to put it back on without our consent. Not only will we delete it, we will probably warn you. Repeated offenses will result in termination of duty for a set amount of time.

5. Do not have intended grammar errors in your Creepypasta, like "I LOVE ZO PLAE VIDEY GAWES", you will receive a 1 day block and the page will be taken down.

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