• KinatasXCharge

    It's Him post 1

    December 1, 2014 by KinatasXCharge

    In 1692, a man named Richard was attacked and arrested on accusations of witchcraft. He was tried and and found guilty of witchcraft. As he was burned at the stake, a horrible sound erupted from his mouth. None could understand at first, but after a few minutes, strange words could be made out.

    He was a Cherokee man, only in his early 20's, and his words sounded like their spoken language. Not being able to take the sound any longer, one of the men threw the flaming torch on the fags of wood. As the wood began to burn, his words changed to english.

    "Hear this now, for ye be damned. Evil cannot be killed by man. Burn me, hang me, drown me if ye will, but for hundreds of years, thine people I will kill. Until one day, when thine people thrive,…

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