• Grootslang

    My First Blog Post

    July 17, 2015 by Grootslang

    Uh...what can I say...I like this wiki. And I have one secret, that will be interesting for admins of the wiki.

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  • Meckrocz3451

    After Ten long and grueling chapters,the Silent Torture story has finally been concluded. Parts One and Two are available on this wiki and the Silent Torture Facebook page.

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  • Meckrocz3451

    My current series,Silent Torture has been pretty impressive to me so far.This 2nd part will contain a lot of fighting and intense action.I'm thinking of keeping it at Legacy's Killers and a Pasta Genre I came up with called,'BerserkerPasta'.Look out for Chapter 7 of Silent torture coming soon.

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  • KinatasXCharge

    It's Him post 1

    December 1, 2014 by KinatasXCharge

    In 1692, a man named Richard was attacked and arrested on accusations of witchcraft. He was tried and and found guilty of witchcraft. As he was burned at the stake, a horrible sound erupted from his mouth. None could understand at first, but after a few minutes, strange words could be made out.

    He was a Cherokee man, only in his early 20's, and his words sounded like their spoken language. Not being able to take the sound any longer, one of the men threw the flaming torch on the fags of wood. As the wood began to burn, his words changed to english.

    "Hear this now, for ye be damned. Evil cannot be killed by man. Burn me, hang me, drown me if ye will, but for hundreds of years, thine people I will kill. Until one day, when thine people thrive,…

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  • OverlordCat

    Field Ops

    November 3, 2014 by OverlordCat

    I have a special friend in the Marines, and last night (more like at 3am this morning), he had to leave for a field op. He'll be gone until Thursday. What am I going to do with myself? I talk to him almost 24/7 whether texting or a video call. Haha, maybe I'll magically get a life when he's gone... Oh, who am I kidding? I can never get a life.

    I did stay up the few extra hour to send him off, though. I was originally going to set my alarm, but I was afraid it wouldn't wake me. So, I asked the Creepypasta FAN CLUB on Facebook to keep me up the few extra hours. A few members messaged me and kept me talking to them until it was time to call him. They also helped me dress up a little bit. I wore the pink shirt I'd been wearing when he first too…

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  • Alone-in-the-dark.

    I can't blog.

    November 1, 2014 by Alone-in-the-dark.

    It's true....I have no idea what to talk about.

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  • TheCyberRaven

    Q1)Who wears a white-hoodie and have a chelsea smile.

    Q2)He have no eyes. but seem able to see right through you.

    Q3)Who always laugh even when his colors runs.

    Q4)They wear a mask and is a heavy smoker.

    Q5)This dog looks oddly happy when ever  it see you and never going to leave you along until you pass on the chain.

    Q6)It seem  this poor guy lost his arms and legs have you seen them.

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  • IvanBraginskyHetalia

    I am so happy to have written my first ever creepy pasta. I absolutely love 2 creepypastas mainly: Sally and Episode 23.5 of Hetalia!!!

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  • Poketroll67


    October 27, 2014 by Poketroll67

    1. If you add videos/photos to your pasta that doesn't pertain to your Creepypasta, we will take the photos off the page and warn you. Repeated offenses will receive a 1 day block per repeated offense.

    2.The following is the CP rating and how we deal with it: 0/10-1/10 means it's standards for deletion, 2/10-4/10 requires heavy editing, 5/10 and above means we will not delete your Creepypasta and only minor changes will be needed, should there be an error or two.

    3.  We are  to delete certain pastas that are among the following: Rip-offs, Blatant Trollpastas, Crapypastas, Cliche/Poorly Executed or Non-Creepypasta. 

    4. Do not upload blatant rip-offs and highly unoriginal content. Also, once a page is deleted, you can appeal it. But DO NOT try …

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  • OverlordCat


    October 25, 2014 by OverlordCat

    Not precisely Wikia related, but for those of you who may be interested, I'm dropping a link to my personal Tumblr. Don't be surprised to find a mess of randomness when you get there.

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  • Tokyoteddybear

    sally:*walks up to slender*daddy? slender:*looks at sally*yes sally? sally:*smiles*where do babies come from? slender:*surprised*oh um how about you ask dark link about that sally:ok*walks off to dark link and bens room*ben? link? both:yes sally? sally:where do babies come from? dink:0-0 oh ummmmmmmmm ben:*hunched on floor laughing really hard*a ask clockwork dink:*nods blushing a bit* sally:*walks off to clockworks room*clocky? clockwork:*hugging toby to death* toby:*looks at sally then back at clockwork*I I cant breathe sally:*smiles*where do babies come from? clockwork:*drops toby and hides in closet afraid to answer*...mumble mumble mumble toby:lets go ask Jeff cause im not sure either sally toby n sally:*poke jeff* jeff:WHAT DO YOU WA…

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